About us

Developments in modern neurosurgery led to a shift from a strictly anatomic structural point of view to a more functional holistic model. Therefore, a distinctive and precise knowledge of the complexity of the brain and a three-dimensional idea of its structures are mandatory and an integral part of a neurosurgeon’s work.

We, two young neurosurgeons, highly interested in neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, had the idea to give other interested collegues the opportunity to focus intensively on these topics. As there are only a few possiblities to do so in Europe we brought “The White Matters” to life.

It is our goal to offer a course for White Matter dissection, in which each participant will have the possibility to study extensively on the cerebral fiber system under trained guidance.

The course is aimed at “working out“ the brain to acquire a more profound understanding of the complex human neuroanatomy.

Share our passion – join us in Graz 2018!

Lukas Bruckmann & Kariem Mahdy Ali